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Crystals and Natural Stones

Extraordinary Crystals and Gemstones in Natural, Cut and Polished Forms



Our Treasures


Unique Jewelry From Around the World

Books and CDs

For Your Listening and Reading Pleasure

Tarot and Oracle Decks

For Insight and Self-Discovery

Sound Healing

Chakra Chimes, Singing Bowls, Ringing Fountains and More

Sacred Art and Statues

Tibetan Tangkas and Ritual Objects; Buddhas and Kuan Yins; Hand-crafted Statues, Sculptures and Masks in Wood, Stone and Resin

Asian Antiques, Furniture & Home Decor

Exquisite Asian Antiques, Furniture and Home Decor

Incense, Sage and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy, Ambience, Clearing and Cleansing

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