***** This store has an array of literal treasures. I was there last weekend and also saw the owner again at the Saturday market. Happened upon the store via a Salt Spring map on the ferry. It is a wonderful place to treasure up! Meditation pillow, Namaste and Gratitude scrolls and other juicy bits. Love this place and the store owner is lovely.
Treasures of the Heart not only offers tools for healing & self-reflection; it also provides a space for visitors to enjoy a cup of tea and connect with one another. The staff are always willing to help find the perfect gift, and TOTH has become my “go-to” place for meaningful gifts for important people in my life.
This store is a treasure of the heart – Debbie’s heart. Deb offers a great selection of spiritual & inspirational items unique to Salt Spring Island. There is no store like hers… a welcoming space of beauty… a refuge in the hustle & bustle of Ganges. There is even free tea to enjoy. Her employees love working in the store for Deb as she exemplifies in her personal & business life, the love of humanity that the products in her store represent.
A wonderful store that is welcoming and friendly… a great selection of items. I love the fact that they also support local artisans.
…unique and unusual gifts… The artwork, statues, cards and jewelry are beautiful and the whole store has a warm, gentle, relaxed feeling when you enter – making you feel you have just entered a quiet, meditative space & been greeted with a smile.
…amazing business with great service and very cool products!
Treasures of the Heart is my favourite store on Salt Spring Island. I find many different types of gifts for myself, family and friends there. There is a very special feeling as I walk in – very peaceful & easy. It is easy to see everything. Browsing time is encouraged. Beautiful cards for all occasions, as well as a book area. There is cozy seating where I can relax and read a bit to make sure a book is suitable. Herbal tea is offered to make my shopping time even more comfortable and inviting. Most of all… the folks who run it create a warm space of community for all who walk through the doors.
…an atmosphere that is inspirational & uplifting. They offer many exquisite & unique items for enhancement of home and for spiritual practices.
… intriguingly beautiful store that provides a unique, inspiring sanctuary in Ganges’ downtown core… a welcoming smile, a listening ear, personal inspiration, insights & encouragement.
Treasures of the Heart offers an exquisite selection of items of beauty & inspiration for heart and soul. The products are not only beautiful, but nourishing to the inner being.
The store is not just a store – it is so much more – and when you visit, you will understand.
…full of unique, unusual items you can not find anywhere else on Salt Spring Island.
I love this store!