Debbie Harris-FunferOwner & Buying-trip Diva Extraordinaire
With over 30 years of cultivating spiritual practice & world-wide travel under her belt, Debbie brings a lifetime of experience and insight straight to the HEART of her unique Salt Spring Island store. She has travelled extensively through Asia, and many of the treasures she brings to the store make their way here through sources she has worked with for years. Debbie first came to Salt Spring Island over 25 years ago & spent 3 years at the Buddhist retreat centre on Mt.Tuam. She has studied Vipassana & Buddhism extensively. Debbie’s current focus in spiritual development is on the unification teachings of the Advaita Vedanta tradition, under her primary teacher, Adyashanti. Prior to opening Treasures of the Heart on Salt Spring Island, Debbie owned and operated an Interior Design, and a Metaphysical Store in Santa Fe, New Mexico for over 10 years. Debbie’s vision for Treasures of the Heart is to provide a beautiful and soulful oasis where visitors can stop, still their minds, and see themselves reflected in the beauty around them. We think she’s done a fantastic job!
Teron WolfBusiness Consultant & Resident Counsellor, Healer, and Workshop Mastermind
In addition to consulting with Debbie on all things business related, Teron is a gifted Counsellor, Healer & Spiritual Advisor – offering an integrated Body/Mind/Spirit approach to help you achieve the change you desire and live the life you imagine! Teron facilitates regular workshops, classes, and Crystal Singing Bowl & Gong meditations on Salt Spring Island – some of which take place right here at Treasures of the Heart! In 2014, Teron launched a unique “Pay What You Get Paid” fee structure for private sessions. Under this unique model, you pay Teron the same amount you earn per hour – from a minimum of $15/hr per 2 hour session, to whatever greater amount you earn. Teron bears a wealth of knowledge to share with all, and is passionate about empowering people of all ages and walks of life to expand the Mind, nourish the Body, and illuminate the Spirit. If you’ve got questions – ask Teron! Chances are, he has an answer. If he doesn’t – he’ll be sure to point you in the direction of someone who does! Learn more about Teron at
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Sivalla LinService Specialist & Garden Goddess
A former counsellor and lifelong student of the metaphysical realm, Sivalla greets visitors to Treasures of the Heart with a presence that is caring & serene. She invites visitors to relax and open to their own inner guidance while selecting gifts or tools for self-realization; and the realization that we are all one in spirit. A gardener with a deep appreciation and gratitude for the wonders of nature, she often brings flowers from her garden to share. Sivalla’s interests include: meditation, spiritual music, yoga, tarot, numerology, herbs, Buddhism, and crystal therapy. We love her message of peace, love & abundance to all.
Kim ChristieService Specialist & Organic Treasure Seeker
Kim feels blessed to have been born a magical child – curious about many things: nature, art, healing modalities, yoga, meditation, gardening, cooking, and kayaking to name a few. She has explored these particular passions for decades. After traveling for a few years she immersed herself in Art, until it became as necessary to her as breathing. At the same time, she began her studies in bodywork, yoga and meditation. Kim expanded her healing practice in an Ayurvedic Spa for 8 years, where she practiced 11 different therapies. With age and a lot of experience, Kim wanted to bring it all together to share her many joys with children. Now, as a Waldorf preschool teacher, she is pushed to delve even deeper into matters of the heart where play, creativity and nature are sacred. Kim’s very first collection as a child was of semi-precious stones. She slept with them at the head of her bed! In summers she traveled to a very rich area where other rockhounds explored. So, her work at the store is like a treasure for her heart!
Tashi NorbuTOTH Mascot & Official Napper
Tashi is our official Mascott, and Debbie’s constant companion of 9 years. If Debbie is in the store, you can count on finding Tashi curled up & snoring in his little bed, which we’re pretty sure he thinks is a throne! If you’re a dog-lover, make sure you stop for a snuggle. Tashi loves all the attention he can get! Tashi Norbu is Tibetan for “Auspicious Jewel”. Our little Tashi DEFINITELY lives up to his name!